8741 Mass Flow Controller and Meter for Gases

The Type 8741 mass flow controller (MFC)/mass flow meter (MFM) for gases is suitable for a variety of applications and is available with Industrial Ethernet, analogue or fieldbus interfaces. The variant with CANopen-based Bürkert Systembus (büS) is suitable for integration into existing CANopen networks or (in combination with the Type ME43 fieldbus gateway) for integration into all common industry standards for Industrial Ethernet and/or fieldbus. The latter option is tailor-made for applications with many control loops. Up to 32 MFCs/MFMs can be connected to one fieldbus gateway. Type ME43 transmits the internal CANopen-based communication to Industrial Ethernet and fieldbus standards. The mass flow controller/mass flow meter can always switch between büS and CANopen communication. Type 8741 can be configured as an MFM or an MFC according to demand. Furthermore a Modbus RTU variant is available as well. Optionally, up to four calibration curves can be stored in the device. The thermal MEMS sensor is located directly in the gas stream and therefore achieves very fast response times. As actuator, a Bürkert direct-acting proportional valve guarantees high response sensitivity.


  • Nominal flow ranges from 0.010 l/min to 160 l/min
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Very fast response times
  • Simple device exchange due to configuration memory
  • Optional: USP Class VI, FDA, EC 1935 compliant