8418 RTD Temperature Sensor

The temperature sensor is used for measuring and monitoring the temperature. The impact of the temperature on a resistance thermometer generates a signal which is amplified, digitised and processed. Instead of an analogue output, this device offers a digital interface IO-Link. This allows bidirectional data transfer with any IO-Link master. Data access occurs via the available standardised IODD. The IO-Link corresponds to the specification version 1.1. The bidirectional communication is used to read process data, parameters, diagnostic information and status messages as well as to set parameters. The two green LEDs are permanently lit as soon as power is supplied to the device. Once an IO-Link connection has been established, the LEDs flash. The switching behaviour and the switching thresholds of the digital outputs (max. 2; “PNP” or “NPN”) can – like many other parameters – be individually configured.


  • Single resistance thermometer Type Pt1000
  • Process connections: G ½”, clamp DN 10/20 according to DIN 32676
  • Temperature measurement range: - 50…+ 150 °C
  • Available switching functions: PNP or NPN
  • Access to measured value, device status and settings via IO-Link interface, very easy sensor replacement