8312 Pressure Transmitter with CANopen Interface

The product is used for measuring either relative or absolute pressures (on request) in liquid and gaseous media. Two techniques are available: Metallic thin film strain gauge, Ceramic thick film strain gauge Both have different specifications.

The main differences are:

  • Available pressure measuring ranges
  • Limitations of medium temperature
  • Available process connection types and sizes
  • With/without seal for process connection
  • Flush diaphragm option available

The device digitises the pressure value and makes it available for use through the “CANopen” digital communication interface (CAN slave). Instead of an analogue output, this device offers the ­CANopen digital interface. This allows bidirectional data transfer, e.g. with a CAN/Ethernet gateway or directly to a PLC that is equipped with a CAN interface. CAN devices can also be connected to the Bürkert büS digital communication interface. A driver used for data exchange and settings of the 8312 is integrated in the Bürkert PC tool Communicator and available on our website. Several useful auxiliary functions have been implemented through the DS 404 device profile.


  • Ceramic thick film or metallic thin film strain gauge measuring principles
  • Process connections: G, NPT in ¼” or G ¾” (with hygienic flush diaphragm) or 1½” clamp
  • Linearised and temperature-compensated measuring ranges from – 1…5 bar or 0…0.25 bar to 0…16 bar selectable, relative pressure
  • Media temperature range depends on the measuring principle: - 20…+ 85 °C (ceramic), - 40…+ 125 °C (metallic)
  • Access to measured value, device status and settings via the CANopen interface