8220 Conductivity Sensor

The conductivity sensor consists of a compact probe with integrated electrodes. Four conductivity probes with different cell constants are available and offer a broad measurement range. The Pt1000 for automatic temperature compensation is integrated in the sensor housing. The sensor delivers a raw signal and is fitted with a standard EN 175301‑803 plug connector. The sensor has to be connected to the Bürkert transmitter/controller Type 8619 multiCELL via a 4 x 1.5 mm² shielded cable (maximum cable length of 10 m). The conductivity sensor can be installed into a pipe by using Insertion fitting Type S020 which is available in different materials (details see data sheet Type S020). In its longer version it can also be installed in tanks or containers by using an industrial immersion fitting.


  • Compact version for DN15…DN200
  • Wide range of conductivity measurement thanks to different cells
  • Broad range of process connections with various fittings