8081 Continuous Measurement Flow Meter

The ultrasonic flowmeter Type 8081 is designed for the flow measurement of water which may also be slightly contaminated. The device consists of a brass fitting with an integrated measuring tube and a transmitter. It is available in 5 variants: QN 0.6 DN 15, QN 1.5 DN 15, QN 2.5 DN 20, QN 3.5 DN 25, QN 6.0 DN 25 with flow rate ranges of 0.06 to 20 l/min (nominal flow rate 0.6 m3/h i.e. 10 l/min), 0.1 to 50 l/min (nominal flow rate 1.5 m3/h i.e. 25 l/min), from 0.16 to 82 l/min (nominal flow rate 2.5 m3/h i.e. 41 l/min), from 0.6 to 116 l/min (nominal flow rate 3.5 m3/h i.e. 58 l/min) and from 1 to 200 l/min (nominal flow rate 6.0 m3/h i.e. 100 l/min) respectively. Each variant has either a pulse output or a pulse output and a 4…20 mA current output. The electrical connection is made via a 5-pin M12 male connector. Combined with a controller and a control valve, the device can be used to set up a control loop


  • Ultrasonic flowmeter using transit time method
  • Dynamic range ≥ 1:250
  • Low pressure drop
  • No flow-settling section necessary in the inlet or outlet