6144 3/2-Way Flipper Solenoid Valve

Type 6144 is a direct-acting 3/2-way solenoid valve designed for neutral gases and liquids. Through the movement between the two end positions, the switching element (flipper) seals one of the two opposing valve seats and connects the other to the working port. This movement is caused by the magnetic field pushing a permanent magnet, which is fixed to the flipper element, when switching the solenoid. In addition to its exceptional performance characteristics, the flipper principle is especially marked by its very low switching noise and low wear level. Furthermore, integrated medium separation enables use above and beyond pneumatic applications. Depending on the application, various flange connections are available that are suitable for both individual and block installation. Installation advice: The valve must be at least 5 mm away from other ferromagnetic materials in order to avoid malfunctioning during operation.


  • Direct-acting
  • 0 to 10 bar
  • Low power consumption
  • Standard, Ex ia version
  • 10 mm installation width / 11 mm width/station