3 Way HB Control Valves with Electric Actuators and Spring Return

The HB Series Stainless Steel Control Valves with SK Series Electric Actuator is a robust and convenient Electrically-Actuated alternative for 3-Way control valves. The response time makes them ideal for Cooling and Boiler Feed Water applications as well as On/Off HVAC Steam Control. These Electric Actuators utilize Spring Return to retract the stem which allows 3-Way valves to fail fully-closed in the event of power loss or signal failure. Additional features include manual override and visual electronic stroke indication.

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Technical Bulletin (pdf)


The 3-Way HB Series with SK Series Electric Actuator is stainless steel valves (up to 4″) and is a robust. The response time makes them ideal for Cooling and Boiler Feed Water applications as well as On/Off HVAC Steam Control.

3-Way valves are NOT FOR use with STEAM