3 Piece Full Port Ball Valve (Series 7400)


The 3 piece full port ball valve allows the valve to be easily disassembled. In addition, the body is designed for high pressure applications. Optional API 607 4th Edition Fire Safe Design available.

Mounting Plate

The mounting plate is designed to the ISO 5211 standard for the direct mounting of actuators, most gear operators and accessories.

Anti-Static Stem

The stem is designed with an anti-static ball device that maintains constant metal contact with body and ball/stem assembly. This constant contact illuminates the possibility of static spark, if the body and pipe are properly grounded.


The seats can easily be replaced if the need arises. There are multiple seats available for different high performance applications.


The packing offers proper alignment for the stem in the valve body and reduces the torque of the valve. The V-cup packing design offers great sealing properties with the stem and body. Different materials are offered for the packing rings.

Bi-Directional Service

The Series 7400 ball valves are qualified for bi-directional use in ANSI Class 150 and 300 service.


3 Piece Full Port Ball Valve (Series 7400)

Valve Product Brochure

Valve IOM Manual

Download 3D Model

  • Stainless Steel (A351-CF8M)
  • Carbon Steel (A216-WCB)
  • TFM*
  • PEEK
  • ALTA
  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • 316 Stainless Steel
ISO 5211 Mounting Plate
  • PTFE
Anti-Static Stem
*Standard material – Options available