2034 Multifunction Block Solutions

These multi-port diaphragm valve blocks enable an almost infinite number of valve and process combinations. Multi-port valve systems realize an extremely compact, space-saving design and represent an alternative to the previous welding combinations, for example. Configurations can also be designed that cannot be produced as welded combinations. The valve body is manufactured from a solid piece and is available in all standard materials and surface finishes. The use of multi-port diaphragm valve blocks reduces the number of weld seams, minimizes the effort and documentation required for validation and ultimately enables compliance with the 2D rule or 3D rule. Designs with the smallest dead spaces and the desired optimized draining are possible. All multi-port valve systems can be combined with the proven Bürkert actuator and automation concepts.


  • Flexible and compact design for individual applications
  • Minimum dead space
  • Easy integration of automation units with ELEMENT