1500-8.5I Pressure Indicator Gauge


  • Test, laboratory, and production applications

Product features

  • These gauges have capsule-type pressure elements up to and including the 150-psig ranges of 200 psig and above have Bourdon tubes
  • The pressure to be measured is applied to the capsule or Bourdon tube through a single connection in the case
  • The case has a tempered-glass dial cover, solid-front dial and a blow-out plug on the back
  • Readings are referenced to atmospheric pressure in the case
  • Available in 26 standard ranges (including vacuum and compound ranges), these gauges combine precision-liquid-column accuracy with aneroid convenience
  • They make excellent secondary standards and are rugged enough to maintain accuracy in many test and process applications


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0.066% of full scale

-30″ Hg -1,000 psig

0.03% of full scale

0.01% of full scale

0.1% of full scale for ranges of 150 psi and below;
0.2% of full scale for 200 psi and above

Maximum temperature effect
0.1% of full scale per 10°C/18°F change from reference temperature 23°C/73.4°F

Scale length
Approx. 45″ through 2 pointer revolutions

Dial diameter

Pressure element volume
Ranges <150 psi 6.9 cc with pointer at zero 8.6 cc
At full scale ranges 200 psi and above 10 cc.
For the range 0-125″ water only 6.3 cc with pointer at zero; 8.0 cc, at full scale

Case pressure
Cases are open to atmosphere.

Case connections
150 psi and below, ⅛” female NPT, 200 psi and above, ¼” female NPT built-in stainless steel filter at the bottom of case

Case construction
Aluminum with tempered-glass window, flush mounted

Zero adjustment
Accessible through both the front and the back of the case


  • Calibration in most metric units available at no extra cost.Other calibration units and dual scale graduations are available at extra cost.
  • Gauge 1500 8.5″ is available installed in a compact, suitcase-type carrying case with a mounted panel for the gauge. The cover is easily removed and connections can be made without removing the gauge from the case

Note: Gases must be non-corrosive, no liquid service.

Weight and shipping weight
12 lbs.

Ordering information
Please specify ordering number, range, and mounting angle, (extra cost if mounting angle other than vertical)