0248 Motor Ball Valve

The complete ball valve Type 0248 consists of an electromotive rotary actuator and a 2/2-way mini ball valve. The connection between the actuator and the ball valve is achieved by a mechanical interface (flange connection). The electromotive rotary actuator moves the ball valve by 90° and opens or closes the cable cross-section. The ball valve Type 0248 has a compact design. It can be used for a wide range of applications with relatively low flow rates, e.g. as a final control element for heating or cooling water circuits in commercial and amphibian vehicles as well as in machine tool construction. Type 0248 can optionally be supplied with a position indicator.


  • Mechanical interface connection
  • Ball valve moves by 90°
  • Opens or closes the cable cross-section
  • 0248 Features a Compact design
  • Can be used with relatively low flow rates
  • Can optionally be supplied with a position indicator