SPECTORcontrol Range

Boiler Room

Gestra's digital boiler control solutions help keep your boiler running efficiently, safely, and at peak performance

BK Thermostatic Bimetallic Series Steam Traps

Steam Traps

Gestra's steam traps meet the most demanding system requirements to help you effectively remove condensate, keeping your system operating at peak performance.

SZ 36A Strainer


By installing a strainer, you can improve fluid quality, reducing damage to your system equipment, which in turn reduces maintenance time and cost.

Measuring Pots

System and Packaged Solutions

Our system and packaged solutions support many applications including condensate recovery and return, desuperheaters, and more.

GBV Ball Valves


Gestra offers a full variety of valves to meet your needs including isolation valves, control valves, and check valves.