We are always looking for talented individuals who share the Apex passion for being your best and achieving your full potential.

At Apex, you will be able to take pride in what you supply to your customers. Apex only works with the highest quality products so you can be confident in what you deliver. Never again feel awkward about talking up something you don’t believe in. Know for certain that you will be giving the customer exactly what they need with benefits that they will be impressed with.

You will work along side the most exceptional customer service representatives that will encourage you to better yourself. Our team always supports each other. If you have a question or need additional help, we will all be here to help you along the way. If you are familiar with the industrial industry and are looking to get into sales, Apex Industrial Solutions is a good place to get started!

Currently Seeking: Qualified Outside Sales Candidates

All inquiries held confidential. Apex Industrial Solutions, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer

culture statement


What does CAM-V mean?

CAM-V really is born out of empathy for others. If you don’t put yourself in their position or in their shoes, how can you really understand what they are dealing with or going through? We must seek to understand each other, our customers, and vendors so that we can guarantee that we are working towards the same outcome.

Do you come to the office flat with low energy? Or do you bring your A-Game every day?
We lift each other up and get excited about the impact we are having.

We believe we have products that can help our planet, our people, and our country. We see it as a duty to ensure we get these products out to market where our clients can benefit from using them.

When things go wrong, we stand tall. We take responsibility when we make mistakes. We are human and humans screw up. But people with integrity stand tall and face their mistakes. We learn and improve.

We don’t take shortcuts, we do it the right way because doing it right is what helps us sleep at night.

It takes discipline to constantly add massive value. We don’t just say it and forget it. We live it and it takes constant practice. From the big things to the seemingly insignificant details, we are always seeking more ways to add value.
We believe that giving back is essential. We annually volunteer several organizations and we also donate to St. Judes Hospital. We support these organizations with regular contributions.