Is it Time for Your Annual Magnet Audit? Call Apex!

When a customer purchases a product, they expect their product to be clean of contamination. Having an annual magnet audit performed is important to maintain your integrity within the customer. Here are 4 more reasons why you should have an annual magnet audit performed within your plant:

1. Product Safety

Metal contaminants can pose serious risks to consumer health if they make their way into the food supply chain. Annual magnet audits help ensure that the magnetic separators are functioning effectively and are capable of removing any potential metal contaminants. The Apex team can even identify if you are using the correct magnets for your process and make recommendations.

2. Regulatory Compliance

Food manufacturing plants are subject to various regulations and standards related to food safety. These regulations often require the implementation of appropriate measures, including the use of magnetic separators to prevent metal contamination in food products. Conducting annual magnet audits demonstrates compliance with these regulations and helps provide evidence of due diligence in ensuring food safety.

3. Equipment Maintenance

Magnetic separators can experience wear and tear over time, resulting in reduced efficiency or malfunction. Annual magnet audits allow plant operators to assess the condition of the separators, identify any issues or damage, and perform necessary maintenance or repairs. Regular maintenance ensures that the magnetic separators continue to operate at their optimum level, maintaining product quality and safety.

4. Process Optimization

Magnet audits provide an opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of the magnetic separation process within the food manufacturing plant. By analyzing the collected data and performance metrics, plant operators can identify areas for improvement and implement process optimizations. This can lead to better metal contamination control, enhanced product quality, and increased operational efficiency.

Magnet audits are necessary for food manufacturing plants to ensure product safety, compliance with regulations, and to meet customer requirements. By conducting these audits, food manufacturers can mitigate the risk of metal contamination and uphold their commitment to producing safe and high quality food products.

When you have Apex perform your audit, you receive a full written Magnet Audit Report that includes the following:

  • In-Depth Magnet Location Summary with ID# and Description
  • 3 Test Results per Magnet
  • Correct Magnet Rating
  • Correct Magnet Strength Rating per Material Handling
  • Metal Collection Rating
  • Magnet Maintenance Rating
  • Assessment Summary
  • Recommended Action
  • Your First Magnet Audit is Performed FREE! This is a $1,500 value




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