Industrial services


Magnet Systems Audit Reports

Many industries, such as food processing, plastics manufacturing, recycling, and mining, benefit by using magnetic separation, metal detection, and material handling equipment. By using magnetic separation technology, metal contaminants are removed from product lines. This creates a safe, high-purity end product for the customer and maintains the integrity of other equipment in the production line.

Magnets can and do wear out – so it’s critical that you get  your magnets tested to verify they are doing the job you need them to do.

Apex will perform your first magnet audit for FREE! This is a $1,500 value. When you choose Apex to perform your audit, you will receive a full, detailed performance report showing how all of your magnets are performing.

Control Valve Sizing & auditing

Do you need to replace a valve on a line but aren’t sure of the size you need? Our team will gather all the crucial information we need to give you a recommendation based on your unique design characteristics. 

Are you control valves working properly? Energy can be lost through improper control valve function. Significantly increase production and lower downtime with proper valves in place. Call us for industrial services and we will send an experienced technician to audit your facility’s control valves.


Did you know that if your steam traps aren’t working properly you can potentially lose thousands of dollars a year just in lost steam? If you haven’t had your plant audited recently, set up your appointment today!

We are able to audit your steam system and give your plant an accurate report of which steam traps are working properly and which ones should be replaced.

onsite meetings

Apex goes above and beyond to ensure you receive the proper products, tools, and knowledge to run your plant successfully. If your application requires an onsite visit for any reason, Apex will gladly send a knowledgeable team member directly to your site. 

Our goal is to gather information and offer recommendations to get your plant running as efficiently as possible. Our industrial services cover a large territory and are virtually always accessible.

Considering having some major replacements done? Or do you have some challenges that may require extra help? An onsite visit may be for you.
Give us a call today!

Special tagging/labeling

Apex Industrial Solutions will help you with any project, big or small. We offer customer tagging and labeling to help you stay organized and efficient. 

Custom tags/labels ensure you are never again guessing at brands, models, and serial numbers. If you ever need a replacement part, your tag provides you with all the information you need to save you time when reordering. When it comes time to replace your worn parts, the labels have the necessary information so you can reorder the exact same product or the newest version of the same product with ease.

Custom tags and labels are available on all requested products. Learn more.