WHB Watertube Boiler

Victory Energy offers a wide variety of HORIZON® Series watertube boiler solutions for a multitude of heat recovery applications, whether the need is hot water, steam (saturated or superheated) or high temperature thermal fluid.

No matter if the flue gas is clean or contains ash,  whether its derived from a process in which the heat would otherwise be wasted or it comes from a purpose built combustion or gasification system that requires steam to generate power, Victory Energy has the solution.

Victory Energy’s proprietary modeling tools allow for the optimal finned tube design for the production of boilers to fit into small footprints which helps greatly reduce radiant heat losses, all without the compromising reliability



  •  Up to 500,000+ PPH
  •  Pressures range up to 2,000 PSIG
  •  Temperatures up to 1,200˚F
  • Custom Engineered and Modularized