UNITOP Compact Cylinders

Cylinders Ø 16-63mm have compact overall dimensions, and are in accordance with UNITOP recommendations (RP series) and ISO inter-axes (RM series). These cylinders are also available in a non-rotating version, and with an extended piston. Series RP and RM cylinders feature adjustable pneumatic cushioning, which allows for a considerably higher speed and dramatic reduction in noise level.


  • Working Pressure: 22 – 145 PSI
  • Ambient Temperature: 4 – 176°F
  • Fluid: Filtered Air
  • Barrel: Aluminum Extrusion
  • End-Caps: Aluminum Die-Cast
  • Piston Rod: Chromium-plated (standard) or steel
  • Piston: Aluminum Die-Cast
  • Seals: Nitrile rubber piston seal, polyurethane rod seal
  • Magnetic Version: Series DF (standard)


  • Model: RP/RM
  • UNITOP (RP) or ISO 21287 (RM) Compact Cylinders Ø 16-63mm
  • Working Pressure: 22-145 psi
  • Ambient Temperature: 4-176°F
  • Fluid: Filtered air