Type Q250 Hermetically-Sealed Steam Traps

  • Hermetically-sealed body: Seal welded body contains all operating parts.
  • Positive closing: The bimetallic element is a function of the saturated steam curve and its sensitivity to the temperature change assures an immediate reaction to both steam and condensate for the entire pressure range. At saturated temperature the valve is closed.
  • All-position installation: Simplifies piping layout for easy plant standardization.
  • Self-aligning precision ball valve: Single free-floating stainless steel hardened Rc 58 min. ball valve.
  • Valve seats CoCr alloy hardfaced: All Velan valve seats are CoCr alloy hardfaced to increase their resistance to the high degree of wear through velocity of flow, dirt and scale.
  • Air venting – good discharge capacity: Air and cold condensate is discharged through a full orifice efficiently ensuring fast warm-up of equipment.
  • Check valve operation: The main valve acts as a check valve preventing back flow.
  • Positive condensate drainage for process work.
  • Guaranteed against water hammer: The downstream valve acts as a release valve on the excess water pressure without damage to internal parts.
  • Freezeproof installation: Velan traps do not require a reservoir of priming water in the body to operate. When installed vertically with inlet on top, they drain completely when cold, and are freezeproof without insulation.
  • Positive condensate drainage.
  • Universal operation: The individual segments of the bimetallic elementact consecutively, developing forces in close relation to the saturated steam curve. This permits sensitive, efficient trap operation at all pressures from 1 psi to maximum, without orifice change or adjustment. An ideal feature for “”complete trap standardization””.
  • All-position installation simplifies piping layout. Can be installed vertically or horizontally. Both plugs can be replaced with valves. Can be adjusted to suit plant requirements.


Size Range(s)

  • NPS 1/2 – 3/4
  • (DN 15 – 20)

Pressure Rating

  • ASME Class 300 PMO up to 250 PSI

Standard Connections

  • Socket Weld, Threaded