Smart Steam Generators

The performance of our fire tube and water tube steam generators are boosted to maximum levels with HE Smart and ECO Smart configurations.

The perfect combination of advanced control systems with cutting-edge combustion technology allows you to cut emissions and achieve the highest levels of efficiency, even at high feed water temperatures.


Continuous maximum efficiency

Our specifically designed heat recovery system keeps the chimney flue gas temperature constantly low (max 85 °C), and guarantees maximum energy efficiency in any working conditions with feed water temperatures greater than 150°C.

Ultra-Low NOx

The optimized combustion process and low NOx burners make boilers of this configuration among the best performing in terms of lower emissions.

Complete control

The “intelligent brain” of smart configurations is the OptiSpark control and management system. It allows the machine to always work at its highest level with respect to the required performance, and at maximum efficiency, regardless of the surrounding conditions. This configuration includes equipment with predictive control, analytics, and remote assistance systems.

Full integration

Smart boilers can be fully integrated with the whole factory system, automatically processing production requests while maximizing energy efficiency.