Sanitary Stainless Steel Polish Tubing

Sanitary Solutions is your source for T304 or T316L Sanitary Stainless Steel Polish Tubing found primarily in the Bakery, Beverage, Cosmetic, Dairy, Food or Pharmaceutical Industries. We stock Sanitary Stainless Steel Polish Tubing that meets or exceeds the 3-A standards with an ID polish of a 20 Ra on the Inside of the Tube and a 150 Grit or 32 Ra on the Outside of the tube. Sanitary Solutions inspects the tube to make sure each 20′ length of tube is properly marked or stenciled on the outside of the tube with our company name, ASTM A270, alloy with TP alloy, weld tube, size of tube x wall thickness, heat number and lot number and capped and bagged for shipping protection.


Product Specifications

  • Alloy: T304 & T316L
  • Stocked Sizes: 1/2″ — 12.00″ OD
  • ASTM A270 Specifications
  • Polish: 20 Ra ID/ 30 Ra OD