Sanitary John Perry Fittings

Sanitary Solutions is your source for John Perry Fittings and Gaskets in either T304 or T316L alloy from 1″ OD – 4″ OD.

John Perry Fittings are found primarily in the Dairy and Beverage markets and differ from a Bevel Seat Fitting in the respect that the John Perry ferrule is a “flat face” while a Bevel Seat Ferrule has a beveled face. Our John Perry Fittings meet or exceed 3-A standards and are either machined or polished to a 180 grit finish on the ID and 25 Ra and 150 grit finish on the OD. Each product is marked with the alloy, size, and heat number so you can be supplied with full trace ability.

The T304 Hex Nut to form the union can be used for either the John Perry Fitting or Bevel Seat Fitting, but this is the ONLY Fitting that is interchangeable. These union nut assemblies with sanitary Acme threads permit easy assembly and safe fast cleaning of lines. All welds used in manufacturing are of Tungsten Inert Gas Method for true fusion of wall with no pitting or thinning. Weld end style of fittings are made to exact circularity tolerances and have true square butt ends for on site Tungsten Inert Gas Installation.


Product Specifications

  • Alloy: T304 or T316L
  • Sizes: 1″ OD – 4″ OD
  • Finish : Polish ID/OD
  • John Perry Hex nuts interchange with Bevel Seat Hex nuts