S055 Magnetic Inductive Sensor with Flange

The magnetically inductive flow sensor Type S055 (compact or remote variant) is suitable for liquids with a minimum conductivity and for use in applications with requirements in areas of water measurements. The combination with the dedicated Type SE58 S transmitter (minimum required conductivity: 20 µS/cm) or with the Type SE58 M or Type SE58 L transmitters (minimum conductivity required: 5 µS/cm) results in a flowmeter with different performance, functions, materials and approvals, with the corresponding suitability for the respective applications depending on the respective requirements. With the Type SE58 S you get a compact device, with the Type SE58 M and Type SE58 L compact devices or remote variants are created for which the transmitter and sensor are connected by 2 cables up to a maximum length. Standard process connections available for the Type S055 are flange connections.


  • For connection to a transmitter Type SE58 (with or without display, in compact or remote variant) for flow measurement
  • Design mainly for use in applications with water
  • Flow measurement 25…approx. 75,000 l/min for DN 25…DN 400