MS08 SAC 254 Sensor

The Type MS08 sensor is an optical sensor for measuring absorption in the UV range at 254 nm. This sensor can be used to detect dissolved organic matter in the water and thus provide a high degree of safety for drinking water production. The SAC 254 and turbidity 530 values can be measured, as well as an application-specific correlation of the TOCeq, BODeq and CODeq. The measurement principle is optical absorption measurement at 254 nm and 530 nm for turbidity compensation and is implemented using 2 LEDs and a detector. The optical path length is optimized for drinking water, but can be easily adjusted by the manufacturer.


  • UV absorption measurement at 254 nm
  • Monitoring of dissolved organics in drinking water
  • EDIP sensor: compatible with Type 8905/8906 measurement stations
  • UV LED technology for long-lasting sensors
  • Nano-coated glasses to reduce maintenance