MS01 pH Sensor Cube

This sensor cube measures the pH value and is designed for operation on the fluidic backplane in the device Type 8905 Online Analysis System. The pH sensor cube contains an ISFET measuring cell, which is based on the MEMS technology (micro electro-mechanical system). The measurement gives the pH value of the sample water. The electrical and fluidic connections are made via the backplane of the system. The sensor cube communicates with the system via the digital büS interface, allowing fully automatic login to the online analysis system. If the sensor is plugged into the system, it automatically logs on to the büS and can be parameterised according to customer requirements. The sensor cube is available in 2 variants. The standard version provides protection against biological growth on the reference electrode and is recommended for applications with no or very low chlorine in the water. The drinking water version is without anti-fouling equipment and is mainly required in applications with drinking water approval.


  • Fully compatible with büS systems and a wide range of further analysis sensor cubes
  • Sensor: MEMS ISFET technology
  • Hot swap compatible for exchanging the sensor cube during operation
  • Minimal sample water consumption
  • Available in 2 versions: standard and with drinking water approval (ACS)