High-Flow Single Stage Pressure Reducing Regulator

The AURA EXF is designed to provide primary control of high flow gases and liquids at delivery pressures up to 250 psig. The EXF’s balanced stem seat design enables the use of larger orifices and seat sizes to accommodate higher flow rates. In addition, it eliminates the need for spring assisted shutoff of the inlet stream so fluctuations in outlet pressure are minimized. AURA’s dual surface diaphragm also provides sensitive pressure control even at low pressures while the EXF’s large .8 orifice size and ½” process ports allow for maximum flow.

AURA’s proprietary machining process yields surface finishes of 4-25 Ra designed to reduce corrosion. With its minimal internal volume, the EXF also allows less gas to be used while purging. Each EXF regulator is assembled in a Class 100 clean room as a complete assembly with all gauges, valves, and fittings attached. The complete assembly is 100% helium leak checked and cleaned for oxygen service. Additionally, the EXF undergoes multiple flow and function tests to meet the harsh demands and rugged environment of any application worldwide

For highly acidic or caustic applications, AURA’s Dursan® LS inert and anti-corrosive technology provides exceptional corrosion resistance and performance as a superior choice versus exotic metals or passivated surfaces. Combined with AURA’s balanced stem seat design, the EXF provides the functionality and flexibility that engineers depend upon for high flow applications.

  • Balanced stem seat
    • Steady pressure control
  • Dual surface diaphragm
    • Extremely sensitive even at lower temperatures
  • 4-25 Ra surface finish
    • Minimizes corrosion
  • Low internal volume
    • Minimal dead volume
  • Field access to adjusting spring
    • Change delivery pressure ranges in the field
  • Field access to adjusting screw
    • Lock pressure setting

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