8791 Digital Electropneumatic Positioner

The robust and compact positioner is designed for mounting on linear and rotary actuators with standardisation according to IEC 65034-6-1 or VDI/VDE 3845 (IEC 60534-6-2) The variant with remote position sensor can also be used to control Bürkert process control valves. The set-point value setting default for the digital electropneumatic positioner SideControl BASIC occurs via standard signals 4…20mA and/or via bus as an option. A digital input and optional analogue feedback are also available. The valve opening is qualitatively signalled via a mechanical display element and the device status, via 3 coloured LEDs. All operating elements are located inside the housing. Start-up is performed automatically and the following functions are enabled directly on the device via DIP switch: sealing threshold, inversion of set point signal direction, characteristic selection, manual/automatic operating state switchover. Additional options for configuration and parametrising, such as the linearisation of the operating characteristic with the aid of a freely programmable correction characteristic, are available using communication software. The pneumatic actuating system can be used equally for single-acting and double-acting actuators. It is characterised by a defined safety response in the event of the failure of the electrical or pneumatic auxiliary power and possesses an enormous air capacity range at pressure supplies up to 7 bar.


  • Compact and robust design
  • Easy start-up using Tune function
  • Integrated diagnostic functions for valve monitoring
  • Dynamic actuating system with no air consumption in controlled state
  • IO-Link, AS interface or Bürkert system bus (büS)