8756 Mass Flow Controller and Meter for Liquids

The mass flow controller (MFC) / mass flow meter (MFM) Type 8756 is particularly suitable for the very precise measurement or control of small quantities of liquid that also require a medium-separated sensor. The measuring principle of the sensor is based on the Coriolis effect and is completely independent of the medium. Pressure and temperature deviations have no impact on the measuring accuracy. In addition to the flow rate, the density and temperature of the liquid are measured. The device design enables a stable flow measurement that is immune to external impacts and does not require a zero-point adjustment when the process conditions change. All materials that come into contact with the medium are highly resistant and enable use with a variety of liquids, whether aggressive or neutral media. Type 8756 is available in the variants MFM, MFC with an interface for a modular actuator, MFC with integrated proportional valve and MFC with integrated micro annular gear pump. The high-precision pump is self-priming and the space in contact with the medium is sealed hermetically. It offers a very large control range and generates extremely low pulsations. This variant is used as a control or dosing system for liquids which have to be conveyed from an unpressurised container.


  • Flow measurement/control up to 120 kg/h
  • Very high accuracy and measuring range
  • High long-term stability, no zero-point adjustment necessary
  • Highly resistant wetted materials
  • Suitable for numerous liquids