8743 Mass Flow Controller Meter for Gases

The Type 8743 mass flow controller (MFC)/mass flow meter (MFM) is suitable for controlling or measuring aggressive gases, gas mixtures and in the area of application for alternating gases. A thermal capillary sensor, with sensor elements not in contact with medium, is used for this. This also enables easy conversion to the process gas in question. The forms in contact with medium are made of high-quality stainless steel and FFKM as a seal material for high chemical resistance. The MFC version achieves high control accuracy thanks to the use of Bürkert proportional valve technology and the application-appropriate layout of the valve orifice. The MFC can be implemented with low pressure loss as required, due to the diversity of the available valve orifices. These MFCs and MFMs either communicate the set-point and actual values of the flow value via an analogue interface, or other values, as well as the set-point and actual values, that can be selected via software via an Ethernet interface. Type 8744 represents the IP65 variant of the Type 8743 and contains the CAN-based büS version for integration into CAN or büS networks. A wide range of devices can easily and efficiently be integrated into the control level in this way via an Ethernet gateway. The communication data is configured via the Bürkert Communicator software.


  • Nominal flow range from 0.01 I/min to 100 I/min (ref. nitrogen)
  • High accuracy in measurement and repeatability
  • Suitable for aggressive gases
  • User-friendly gas conversion
  • Easy device exchange via configuration memory