8735 Multi-Channel Mass Flow Controller

Type 8735 forms the basis of the modular and economical multi-channel flow control systems for gases. The semi-standardised modular system consists of assemblies that can be put together flexibly and according to requirements. At the heart of the system are the thermal mass flow controllers / meters (MFCs/MFMs) for gases. Therefore, Type 8735 enables tailor-made solutions without generating long development times and costs. Multi-channel MFC/MFM systems Type 8735 are aimed at applications with several control loops and high volumes. For example, laboratory analysis equipment for spectroscopy or gas chromatography.


  • Nominal flow ranges from 0.01 l/min to 20 l/min
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Very fast response times
  • Configurable from 2 to 8 channels
  • Tailor-made system without development effort