8111 Vibrating Filling Level Switch

The Type 8111 is a filling level switch for liquids, using a tuning fork as the sensor element. It is designed for industrial use in all areas of process technology and can be used in liquids. Typical applications are overfill or dry run protection. Depending on the version, the devices are also used for monitoring or controlling filling levels in potentially explosive atmospheres, also for combustible liquids, gases, fumes or vapours. Due to the simple and rugged measuring system, the Type 8111 is virtually unaffected by the chemical and physical features of the liquid. It also works under unfavourable conditions such as turbulence, air bubbles, foam generation (not suitable for measuring the foam thickness itself), adhesions, strong external vibrations or varying filling materials.


  • For universal applications such as filling level detection or dry run protection system
  • Installation without adjustment
  • Ideal for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry with a surface roughness < 0.8 μm
  • ATEX approvals