8045 Magnetic Inductive Insertion Flow Meter

The electromagnetic flowmeter Type 8045 is made up of an electronic module including a backlit display, operating keys and a sensor consisting of PVDF or stainless steel material. It has been designed to measure a flow rate of neutral and slightly aggressive fluids with a conductivity of more than 20 µS/cm in DN 06…DN 400 pipes. The Type 8045 is equipped with a 4…20 mA output, a digital output (pulse output by default). Some variants are equipped with two relay outputs and one digital input. Two independent totalizers allow counting the flow rate. This flowmeter is available either with a G 2″ connection with a PVDF sensor or, a G 2″ or clamp connection with a stainless steel sensor which are designed for use with an Insertion fitting Type S020. The variant with a stainless steel sensor can be used in applications with higher pressures (PN 16) and higher temperatures (110 °C). The variant with Alloy C22 electrodes has been designed for applications with aggressive fluids (chemicals) and especially sea water applications.


  • Sensor without moving parts
  • Indicates both flow rate and volume
  • Simulation of all output signals
  • Clean in place (CIP), FDA-compliant materials
  • Variant with Alloy C22 electrodes