8022 Flow Transmitter/Pulse Divider

The electronic module Type 8022 operates either as a flow transmitter (only with pulse sensors “Low Power” variant Type 8020, 8030 (SE30+S030), SE30+S077) or as a pulse divider (with all sensor variants Type 8020, 8030 (SE30+S030), SE30+S077). The module operates the output of the sensors, displays the flow rate and outputs it in mA or as a pulse at the signal output. When used as a flow transmitter, the frequency signal of the sensor is converted into a 4…20 mA signal (2-wire operation). When used as a pulse divider, the input frequency is converted into an adjustable output frequency. Use of the operating unit enables switching between the two operating modes.


  • 2-wire operation (4…20 mA) / 3-wire operation (NPN/PNP)
  • Pluggable to flow sensors 8020, 8030 (SE30+S030), SE30+S077
  • Removable operating unit