6440 Servo-Assisted 2/2-Way Piston Valve

The valve 6440 is a servo-assisted piston valve. The stopper and the core guide tube are welded together to increase pressure resistance and leak-tightness. The coils are moulded with highly chemically resistant epoxy. Sliding rings increase the service life for dry gases. Cartridge and flange connections, and solenoids with automotive plugs (IP6K9K), are available for optimised use in fuel cells.


  • Safety shut-off valve in fuel cell systems and other hydrogen applications
  • Very compact solenoid valve with reliably high tightness and service life
  • Available for up to orifice 12 mm and pressure range 40 bar
  • Available as flange or cartridge variant for quick system integration
  • Degree of protection IP65 or IP6K9K with automotive plug