6407 2/2-Way Servo-Assisted Piston Valve

The Type 6407 valve is a servo-assisted piston valve. The fix coupling between pilot valve and piston provides an opening of the valve without pressure difference. As a piston valve, the Type 6407 is particular suitable for media such as gas and steam. As well as liquids with low operating temperature below 0°C.The stopper and the core guide pipe are welded together to enhance pressure resistance and leak-tightness. Various seal material combinations are available depending on the application. The coils are moulded with chemically resistant epoxy. To reduce power consumption in operation, coils with “Kick and Drop” (KD) electronics (double coil technology) are available. In combination with a plug acc. to DIN EN 175301-803 Form A, the valves satisfy IP65 degree of protection.


  • Servo-assisted piston valve up to DN50 orifice
  • Safe opening with hard-coupled piston system without differential pressure
  • Vibration-resistant, push-over coil system
  • Explosion-proof versions
  • Energy-saving double coil technology with kick and drop design