6020 Direct-Acting 2-Way Proportional Valve

The direct-acting proportional valve Type 6020 can be used as a control valve for closed-loop process control, typically for automatic setpoint control of flow or pressure values. Due to an elastomeric seat seal, the valve closes tight in the range of the nominal pressure related to the orifice size (integrated shut-off function). This valve is particularly suitable for use with gases such as hydrogen, oxygen or fuel gases. Compared to conventional proportional valves, the valve can be operated at higher supply pressures. For optimized use in fuel cell systems, cartridge and subbase (manifold) valve bodies as well as solenoids with automotive connector of protection class IP6K9K are available.


  • Proportional valve for use in flow or pressure control loops
  • Integrated shut-off function with reliably high tightness
  • Excellent sensitivity and turn-down ratio
  • Available as subbase or cartridge variant for simple system integration
  • Protection class IP65 or IP6K9K with automotive connector