5470 Solenoid Valve for Pneumatics

Valves of type 5470 consist of a type 6106 pilot rocker solenoid valve and a pneumatic valve. An armature with a tilting bearing, similar to a rocker, tilts within the body of the pilot valve, and switches the valve. The minimal tilting movement of the rocker is non-wearing, and basic lubrication is unnecessary. The type 5470 R is available as a 3/2 and 4/2-way valve. The valves can be mounted together individually using the module flange. In various applications, they can be used advantageously as valve blocks. Different variants are available for service ports 2 and 4


  • Compact design in 3/2- and 4/2-way versions
  • Extendable valve block
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Different pneumatic connections available
  • Robust construction