2852 2-Way Proportional Valve

The new proportional valve 2852 is pressure-compensated and therefore offers a high pressure level with low power consumption at the same time. The total dimensions of this valve were kept low with regards to integration in devices where compactness and low heating are required for each individual valve, while it still offers comparatively high flow rates. The valve is designed for installation in analytical and medical devices, but can also be used in similar applications in other markets. It possesses two kinds of mechanical integration and three different electrical connection types (strands, plugs and soldered contacts) that support all good integration options in mechatronic systems.


  • Excellent setting range
  • Very small design for easy use in electronic devices
  • Flange and plug-in connection for integration into valve blocks
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Operating pressure up to 7 bar(ü)