2053 Pneumatic Rotary Actuator

The pneumatic actuator Type 2053 enables the automated actuation of ball and butterfly valves. The linear stroke movement of the actuator piston is deflected into a 90° rotary movement of the drive shaft. The interface on the armature is designed according to ISO 5211. In addition, the rotary actuator can be combined with the 8691/2/3/4 series position feedback sensors. The single-acting actuators are returned to the initial position by spring force, while double-acting actuators are returned by compressed air. The welded construction of the stainless steel housing ensures the actuator is 100% maintenance-free. Overall, the actuator is available in three different sizes: P0 – P1 – P2. All three sizes have an extremely high torque in the closing area despite their compact design. The air consumption per stroke cycle is very low due to the low cylinder volume. This offers a remarkable energy saving potential.


  • Combination with top control positioner Type 8691/8692/8693/8694 possible
  • Ideally suited for hygienic applications
  • 100% maintenance-free (welded stainless steel housing)
  • Streamline design
  • Standardised interface according to ISO 5211