2052 Pneumatic Rotary Actuator

The Type 2052 pneumatic rotary actuator consists of a single or double-acting pneumatic linear piston actuator with an internal coupling to a rotary joint and a universal mechanical interface according to ISO 5211. The actuator shaft is rotated 90º via the coupling by the linear movement of the piston due to the compressive force of the pilot air or the force of the return springs. This rotation movement can be utilised for respective actuators such as ball valves, flaps, etc. The actuator has an optical display for the rotation position. The actuator is cataphoresis and Rilsan coated internally and externally which makes it very corrosion resistant and maintenance free.


  • Modular program for mounting to armatures such as ball valves and butterfly valves
  • NAMUR and ISO 5211 interfaces
  • Position feedbacks
  • Mounting of SIDE control positioner
  • ATEX