Dwyer Instruments
Series DPG Digital Pressure Gage


Known for quality, reliability and accuracy, Dwyer designs and manufactures a full-line of pressure equipment.

Handheld Indoor Air Quality Meter

Air Quality

Air quality instruments are used in HVAC systems. Dwyer offers a full line of HVAC equipment to keep your process running smoothly.

Molded Plastic Air Velocity Meter

Air Velocity

Dwyer offers wind meters that have the option of pocket wind meters and handheld meters that are ideal for monitoring air flow.

Series RMV Rate-Master Flowmeters


Dwyer offers flow meters such as flow transmitters, sensors, sight indicators, and more.

Model TFLS2 Compact Tuning Fork Level Switch


Level instruments are used for measuring the level of liquid, gas, and dry materials inside a bin or tank.

Series 16C 1/16 DIN Temperature Controller


Accurately measure and control temperatures, defrost, and fan cycles with a selection of thermometers, thermostats, and more

Backflow Prevention Test Kit

Test Equipment

Test equipment offers instrumentation for calibration, measurement, tests, monitors, and more

3-Piece NPT Brass Ball Valve


Dwyer offers a full range of valves including ball valves, butterfly valves, check and globe valves, and more