Vacuum Conveying System with Check Sieve

The rate at which material can be conveyed through the Vacuum Conveying System with Check Sieve using an sieve will vary depending upon the characteristics of the material. Many systems are operating at rates up to 4 tons per hour and higher rates are being achieved in some instances. Samples of your material can be run in the VAC-U-MAX Test Lab to determine practical throughput rates.


  • Check sieving becomes a part of the completely enclosed material transfer operation, rather then a separately performed function.
  • Vacuum conveying system draws material into the chamber above the vibrating screen, through the screen and out to the next element in the conveying system.
  • Action on the screen can be viewed through the transparent cover.
  • Foreign objects remain on the screen and can be removed by unclamping the cover or inserting a vacuum probe into an access port above the screen.
  • All Material contacts parts are 304 or 316L stainless steel and are easily disassembled for cleaning by releasing quick-acting clamps.
  • Other process operations, such as milling, can be performed in the same clean, efficient conveying cycle.
  • Gyratory action easily adjustable for different materials and meshes.




  • Decks: Single with quick release clamps for easy cleaning
  • Suspension: Rubber, Long Life anti-vibration mounts
  • Vibrators: Independent, with massive long-life bearings and high centrifugal force twin weights that are adjustable for amplitude
  • Drive: Selective speed-Indirect through toothed belt and pulleys giving vibrator frequency of 880/2800 VPM
  • Motor: 2HP, TEFC, 230/460, 3 phase, 60 HZ, 1750 RPM.