Trunnion Flanged Ball Valve

Design Features

  • Seats are spring-loaded and seal individually on the upstream and downstream sides of the ball, whether the valve is in the fully open or fully closed position
  • The body cavity can be isolated form the pipe line pressure, and the boyd cavity can then be bled down or drained through a drain plug
  • Built with a seat spring protection structure that prevents impurities from entering the spring hole – protecting the spring from any damage and adding tot the life of the valve
  • Spring-loaded seats on the upstream and downstream sides allow the valve to be sealed in two directions – valve can be installed in any flwo direction during installation
  • Automatic cavity relief
  • Fire safe design
  • Various end connections available
  • Secondary emergency sealing injects sealant providing the valves with a temporary backup seal
  • Blow-out proof stem
  • Anti-static device
  • Metal-to-Metal seating technology
  • Bore options
  • Steam extensions
  • Valve vent and drain
  • Flexible operation
  • Various operators available
  • Extensive polymeric seating options
  • NACE compliance
  • Multi-port designs 3 and 4 way




  • Class 150, Class 300: Full Port, Reduced Port
  • Class 600, Class 900: Full Port, Reduced Port
  • Class 1500, Class 2500: Full Port, Reduced Port

Body Style:1, 2, and 3-Piece Welded Body

Size Range: 2″ – 56″

Temperature Range: -20°F – 1000°F – Highly dependent on seat material, please consult Apex

Pressure Ratings: 250 PSI – 6250 PSI

End Connections: Flange & Butt Weld Ends

Body Materials: A105, F304, F316, LF2

Seat Materials: PTFE Standard, Options available


  • Natural Gas Storage
  • Gas Transmission
  • Dryer Service
  • Measurement Skids
  • Subsea, Oil Refinery
  • Natural Gas Compressor Stations
  • Desalination
  • Petrochemical Plants
  • CO2 Service
  • Pipeline
  • Power Generation

Flo-Tite’s Standard Part Numbers:

  • TM150-FF-3-FS-S4-S7-VGG-L
  • TM300-FF-3-FS-S4-S7-VGG-L
  • TM600-FF-3-FS-S4-S7-VGG-L

Trunnion Flanged Ball Valve Downloads: