Tri-Pro Bottom Flow Ball Valve

Design Features

  • Non-transflow design: flow can’t occur across the outlets during position change, therefore there will be very little mixing of products. The valve requires 180° rotation, wtih line flow shut off at the inlet (bottom port) at 90° rotation, and full diverter flow resumed to the other outlet port at 180° rotation
  • Bottom flow series: provides engineers greater design flexibility



Ports: Full Port 3W-HPF, Reduced Port 3W-HPS

Body Style: Multi-Port Three-Piece

Size Range: 1/2″ – 2″

Temperature Range: -20°F – 450°F – highly dependent on seat material, please contact Apex

Pressure Ratings: 2250 MAWP/WOG

End Connections: NPT, SW, BW, 600# Flange

Body Materials: ASTM A351 CF8M

Seat Materials: TFM

Applications: Ideal valve for high pressure, fire-safe applications

Flo-Tite’s Standard Part Numbers:

  • 3WHPF51-SS-1-FGG-L (Full-Port SS NPT)
  • 3WHPF52-SS-2-FGG-L (Full-Port SS SW)
  • 3WHPF53-SS-3-FGG-L (Full-Port SS BW)
  • 3WHPF41-CS-1-FGG-L (Full-Port CS NPT)
  • 3WHPF42-CS-2-FGG-L (Full-Port CS SW)
  • 3WHPF43-CS-3-FGG-L (Full-Port CS BW)

Tri-Pro Bottom Flow Ball Valve Downloads: