Slide Units for Micro-Cylinders

Slide units for pneumatic cylinders are suitable for Series K/KD, M, RS, RS2, S1, and W cylinders. The units feature enlarged chromium-plated hollow guides, which provide robustness and reliability. They are an economical solution, thanks to the long-lasting components. Special metallic self-lubricating bearings minimize noise and abrasion. The slide units have a high resistance to peak loads, and all models are available with a safety distance of 25mm for accident prevention.


  • Operating Pressure: 29-145 psi
  • Ambient Temperature: -4-176°F
  • Hollow Guides: Chromium-Plated
  • Bearings: Metallic; self-lubricating


  • Model: J1
  • Slide Units for Micro-Cylinders (Series M) and Cylinders (Series K/KD)
  • Operating Pressure: 29-145 psi
  • Ambient Temperature: -4-176°F
  • Hollow Guides: Chromium-plated