Simplex Clamshell Gate

PEBCO’s product line of high-quality slide gates and valves are uniquely designed to get the maximum productivity out of your system and are being built to withstand the test of time.

These slide gates and valves are designed to best control the flow of materials at varying rates and in a wide range of environments. From single blade gates to dewatering gates and clamshell gates, PEBCO has the perfect product for your job.

Standard blade supports are available as re-greasable cam followers, polymer or steel slide bars, or pins. While neoprene, felt and silicone are Pebco’s most common seal materials, a range of other polymers such as Tivar®, Teflon®, specialty urethanes, and many more are available to meet your application requirements.

Slide Gates can be fully customized to fit your needs. Actuation options are available on every model and additional features include externally accessible seals and blade supports.


PEBCO® Simplex Clamshell Gates offer a simple solution to regulating product flow without retaining material. This classic design is versatile for handling many materials in applications such as belt feeding and loading storage or transport vessels up to trucks. 

  • Single blade and operator
  • Start, stop or regulate product flow
  • Classic design has proven reliable for decades
  • Simple, rugged design does not retain material
  • Ideal for use with sand, aggregates, grain, coal and many other materials
  • Blade seals, although optional, are typically not required