Resilient Seated Teflon Butterfly Valve

  • Two-Piece body.One-piece disc/stem with Teflon® covered disc.
  • Thin profile disc for excellent flow characteristics.
  • The special snap-on Resil-O-Seat™ fixes seat in place without bonding. The Resil-O-Seat™ is 100% field replaceable so no special tools are required. The molded O-ring in Teflon® forms a seal against all standard ANSI 125/150 flanges and eliminates gasketing requirements. The Resil-O-Seat™ is made of Teflon® for applications in chemical and food industries.


Resilient Seated Teflon Butterfly Valve

Model: 909

Sizes: 2″ – 12″

Pressure: 150 PSI