Pneumatic Line Magnet

Used to remove fine metal contaminants in dilute-phase pneumatic conveying, MPI Pneumatic Line Magnets boast a sanitary design in all product contact areas, quick-release DE-STA-CO clamps for easy opening and closing, 100% stainless steel construction, and powerful Rare Earth magnet material. A new and improved food-grade silicone gasket offers a positive seal which virtually eliminates the need to replace gaskets. MPI provides a seam-welded magnetic stainless steel “raised” pole design that improves tramp metal retention between cleaning as compared to similar units.

  • Maximum tramp metal retention:
    • Seven (7) magnetic poles ensure maximum product exposure to a magnetic field and tramp metal holding surface area
    • Poles are raised to ensure that captured tramp metal is retained between cleanings holding it outside of direct product flow eliminating potential “wash off”
    • 52-55 MGOe rare earth magnetic cartridge
  • Easy clean design with removable magnetic core allows the magnet to operate at maximum performance between cleanings. To clean:
    • Unlatch clamps, open door and turn magnet 90 degrees
    • Pull magnet cartridge towards operator until removed from the housing. With magnet removed, tramp metal will fall onto the housing door for collection.
    • Replace magnet cartridge, turn 90 degrees to lock back into place and clamp system closed
  • Sani-TIGHT Seal™ Gasket:
    • Type: Compression style “O-ring” cord gasket (Optional metal detectable)
    • Sealing plate: ½” thick machined stainless channel
    • 100% Positive seal, cannot be over-compressed
    • Sanitary: Gasket can be removed and replaced for wash-down, no adhesive required
  • DE-STA-CO clamps:
    • Quick and easy access to inspect and clean magnet
    • Maintains positive seal during operation and does not allow for over tightening

Designed for operating pressures of 15 PSI

  • Hinged access door:
    • Support provides safe and lightweight inspection for operators
  • Various cart and connection systems available:
    • Available in various cart and connection designs to fit any application
  • Download Datasheet


How Pneumatic Line Magnets Work:

MPI Pneumatic Line Magnets are easy to install in vertical or horizontal piping. A quick-clean removable magnet element allows for rapid and easy removal of tramp metal. Its raised pole design prevents metal “wash-off” contrary to other smooth surface models. Typical applications include powder or granular food products, pharmaceuticals, plastics and chemicals conveyed at high speeds in low density, high-air systems.

Pneumatic Line Magnet Options:

  • Pipe Size: Available in diameters from 2” to 10” in any increment.
  • Cleaning Method:
    • Manual clean
    • Manual quick-clean with removable magnetic core (standard)
  • Magnet Element:
    • 7 raised poles (standard on sizes up to 6”)
    • 5 raised poles (standard on sizes 7” and larger)
  • Material Construction:
    • 304 Stainless steel with 430 stainless steel raised poles (standard)
    • 316 Stainless steel, including raised poles (reduces pull value on contact compared to 430 stainless poles)
  • Magnet Material & Temperature:
    • 400°F (204°C) @ 3.5 MGO (ceramic)
    • 176°F (80°C) @ 52+ MGOe (rare earth) (standard)
    • 248°F (120°C) @ 48 MGO (rare earth)
    • 356°F (180°C) @ 38 MGO (rare earth)
    • 662°F (350°C) @ 30 MGO (rare earth)
  • Gasket Material:
    • White silicon, FDA approved (standard)
    • Buna, FDA approved
    • Metal detectable blue silicon, FDA approved
    • Customer specified
  • Inlet Flange Design:
    • 3” plain end for compression coupling installation (standard)
    • Cam Lock: male adapter
    • Cam Lock: female adapter
    • ANSI 150-pound flange
    • Customer specified
  • Outlet Flange Design:
    • 3” plain end for compression coupling installation (standard)
    • Cam Lock: male adapter
    • Cam Lock: female adapter
    • ANSI 150-pound flange
    • Customer specified
  • Position Switch: For unit closed confirmation or safety interlock
    • Not included (standard)
    • Proximity switch for unit closed confirmation (MPI Standard model and mount)
    • Mechanical safety switch for unit closed confirmation and safety (MPI Standard model and mount)
    • Switch mounting bracket only (customer supplied switch)
    • Customer specified model
  • Cart: MPI can provide a cart for the separator so it can be transported easily, commonly used for bulk unloading and/or loading areas.
    • Not included (standard)
    • Included