Permanent Magnetic Parts Lifter

MPI’s Permanent Magnetic Parts Lifter (PMPL) Series is designed for ferrous parts and the direct replacement of vacuum cups located on ferrous parts transfer systems. MPI’s exclusive “Fail Safe” feature is built into each magnet. Once the powerful permanent magnet is engaged, only air pressure in the reverse “off” direction will disengage the unit, even if the airline is disconnected or loses pressure. This process ensures a positive connection between your parts and the working surface of the Permanent Magnetic Parts Lifter.

  • CNC Machined from T-6061 Billet Aluminum.
  • MPI’s exclusive replaceable and easy to change O-ring non-marring face.
  • Standard sizes available range from 1 3/4” to 9” diameter.
  • Low air consumption and quiet operation.
  • Air supply controls positive part pick up and release with no internal spring unlike other brands.
  • Longer lasting solution compared to vacuum cups.
  • Standard 3/8-NTP thread for retro-fitting to existing end effectors.


How the Permanent Magnetic Parts Lifter Works:

Powerful rare-earth magnet is activated by air pressure. An air solenoid (provided by customer) controls both on and off operation by connecting flexible airlines to the quick disconnect fittings. Short bursts of air ranging from 40-60 PSI is all that is required to operate the unit.


  • Steel Airline Fittings
  • Non-Standard Unit Sizing
  • Suction Cup Adapter Plate, for simple retro-fit applications on existing lines.
  • Custom magnetic circuits to meet customer specific applications available on request.