MaxCore Corrosion Resistant End Caps

Corrosion Resistance

MaxCore products contain high percentage molybdenum which increases the resistance to localized corrosion in the forms of pitting and crevice corrosion. The higher the molybdenum content, the better the corrosion resistance to higher chloride levels by enhancing the passive film, making it stronger and helping it to re-form quickly if it is disrupted by chlorides.

Cleanliness and Packaging

MaxCore Alloy fittings go through a nine-step cleaning and process after manufacturing, including passivation in accordance with ASME BPE and ASTM A967 Standards. Each fitting or tube is then capped with a color-coded cap, Orange for electropolished and white for mechanically polished fittings for quick identification prior to being placed into plastic zip locked bags. Each bag is marked with a QR code for simple MTR download allowing for immediate QA/QC reviews at the job site.

Full Traceability

We provide full traceability for each of our products by supplying all necessary production process data. Starting from certifications and incoming inspection of raw materials, through in-process quality control, final inspection, marking and packaging. The process is also completely documented with a unique job number for each BPE process component.

Every Fitting is Quality Inspected

All around quality and meticulous inspection ensures that every fitting will be of the highest quality and in total compliance with all ASME BPE standards. MaxCore Alloys fittings are 100% visual inspected.


MaxCore Corrosion Resistant End Caps Specifications: