Continuous Duty Industrial Vacuum Cleaner for Fine Combustible Dusts

Item #: MDL850

The VAC-U-MAX MDL850 is designed to reduce operator exposure to fine powders and to improve material handling of dusty debris. The new continuous-duty industrial vacuums are equipped with a continuous bagging system that eliminates dumping of a drum or rigid collection container. The closed bags prevent fugitive dust clouds and avoid a potential cause of back injuries. The unique filter cleaning system eliminates the need for compressed air and solenoid controls, allowing the filters to collect the finest powders anywhere in the plant. The vacuums are also equipped with a 50 sq. ft. PTFE-coated primary filter, a standard HEPA secondary filter and easy-rolling 6”-diameter wheels. The new family of VAC-U-MAX vacuums is available in 2.5HP, 5HP and 8.5HP models. The vacuums are suitable for unclassified and Class II, Div 2 rated environments.

Standard Equipment


  • Power requirements: 480V/3-ph/60Hz, 30Amp service
  • Direct-drive vacuum producer with 8.5HP (6.4 kw) continuous-duty motor with nation-wide warranty service at over 5,000 locations.
  • Unique primary filter (rated 99.7% effecient @ 0.5 micron) elements with 40 Sq. Ft. of filter area of non-stick coating have excellent dust release to prevent filter blinding and motor overheating. Filter plate is removable without tools: maximum uptime! Each cartridge can be individually removed without tools for easy inspection or replacement.
  • Ultimate Filter Cleaning: Unique 4-way valve backwashes the filter with a huge burst of air while venting the vacuum producer at the same time. 100% of the backwash air goes directly to the filters. No compressed air required!
  • Vacuum Relief Valve prevents the vacuum producer from overheating. Vacuum gauge tells the operator how the vacuum and filters are working, and when it’s time to change the filters.
  • Large-diameter dump valve means faster discharge time for the collected dust–get back to work sooner!
  • Dust-free continuous bagging system. No metal container to lug around.
  • NEMA 4 Starter.
  • Heavy-duty welded frame construction with powder coat finish. Durable 8″ wheels and 4″ swivel casters for easy movement up ramps and over uneven floors.
  • Compact size fits work vans and fits conventional doorways and elevators

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Watch Video


Continuous Duty Industrial Vacuum Cleaner for Fine Combustible Dusts Performance:

  • Maximum vacuum: 8″ Hg (108″ waterlift)
  • Maximum airflow: 390 CFM
  • Inlet Size: 3.0″ Camlock adaptor with hose coupler for 3″ ID hose
  • Footprint: 42″ Long X 26″ Wide X 68″ Tall
  • Weight: 525 lbs
  • Noise Levels: Not to exceed 85dBA @ 3 feet